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Electricians Life Hack #1 Save Time Order Online

Dave | May 6, 2018

Saving Money

Probably the biggest and most obvious reason for shopping online at Evolt is all the money you can save in the process. How can we do this while other distributors typically have higher online prices? Our employees are 22% more efficient when electricians buy their common “A+B  items” online, that allows us to offer better customer service where it counts and reduce sell prices on items that become self-serve.


With a huge offering at your fingertips, we make it insanely easy to comparison shop. Forget about driving from store to store or having suppliers price lists of materials– by that time you’ve already squandered the money you would have saved on gas and wasted time waiting for the other guys to get back to you.  Simply log-in add items to your favorites tab or create a custom bill of material and check it out for yourself.


Buying things online obviously isn’t the only way to save money. The 2 other big things to consider are time off the job site to get materials and time off the tools when you have to communicate with your wholesaler. If you’re forced to shop brick and mortar both of these will cost you in more way that just a price on an item.


Time off the Jobsite

This is a big one for electricians. Let’s look past the lower e-commerce prices and bonus incentives for a minute and ask the most important question of all. How much time do you spend off the jobs site driving, ordering, waiting in line at your brick-n-mortar supplier? How much would doing it online at Evolt save you?


Time off the Tools

Let’s face it, with brick-n-mortar your pigeon-holed into communicating during the working hours of operation, in some cases you need to go to the physical location, and nothing is worse than being stuck in line behind all the other contractors trying to get their needs met before the wholesaler closes at 4:30. Does this take time off the tools? Do you think communicating at the hours convenient for you is important? We Do! Go online and hit that live chat button at 10pm and see which one of us answers.


Our e-commerce system answers the 5 most important questions an electrician will have

1. What is the price?

2. What is the delivery?

3. What is included?

4. What else is typically required and not included?

5. What are the equal alternatives?


In addition to the 5 important questions, we offer the lowest e-commerce prices, and according to our electrician customers our website combined with our contractor support staff is the best in the industry.


Come Buy Something

If all that didn’t convince you to do some online shopping, then I don’t know what will. Better prices, a bigger selection, and no lines mean shopping at Evolt will be the easiest part of your day. So use this site to join alongside other contractors just like yourself and start finding some deals.


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